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Australian Pink Diamond Analytics

If you are looking for an essential guide to buying a pink diamond, Australian Pink Diamond Analytics is the perfect source of information for you. Australian Pink Diamond Analytics is an independently audited data driven reporting system accessed by Pink Diamond Melbourne. 

The system was designed to statistically evaluate every pink diamond that has been certified and inscribed with a unique number by the Argyle mine in Western Australia, since formal records have been kept. The system utilized by Pink Diamond Melbourne categorizes the pink diamonds exact specifications by color, size, shape and clarity. 

With this information it is possible to calculate the rarity value of any Australian certified pink diamond. This traceable rarity is a very important factor to consider when investing, especially after the Argyle mine closes.

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How it works?

The Australian Pink Diamond Analytics valuation report endorsed by Pink Diamond Melbourne is the worlds only standardised valuation system that accurately appraises the value of a pink Australian diamond. By using the unique Argyle inscription number accompanied by the international grading report (GIA – GSL – IGI), the valuation report precisely calculates the current market value.

Australian Pink Diamond Analytics annual profit report will give you the exact price increase (in percentage) on your individual diamond. The profit report is based on historical Argyle Diamond Mine quarterly allocation price increases and it allows you to forecast the potential future growth.


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Direct from the Western Australian source to you at wholesale prices, Pink Diamond Melbourne will assist you every step of the way. Our company is well known for guiding interested Melbourne investors – and those all over the world-  through the process of acquiring an investment quality Australian diamond with the combined experience and knowledge of diamond experts and the Australian Pink Diamond Analytics system.

Here at Pink Diamond Melbourne, we realise that the process of navigating the diamond world – a highly technical one – can be overwhelming for new investors, and even investors with experience should get professional assistance in selecting a new pink Australian diamond investment. The best place to start is by downloading and having a leaf through our free eBook, before getting in contact with us to talk about all of the details with one of our friendly experts.

Pink Diamond Melbourne are not diamond brokers or retail jewellers, we are Australia’s leading pink diamond wholesaler with a direct collaboration with the world’s largest Argyle authorised partner. This ensures you can access the guaranteed the highest quality, the largest selection, and the lowest price on Australian certified pink diamonds in Australia. For an obligation FREE quote – contact us today and see why we are the market leader in Australia! 

Exquisiting Pink Diamonds Online - Pink Diamond Melbourne
Exquisiting Pink Diamonds Online - Pink Diamond Melbourne

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